FREE Go-Anywhere Shuttles

If your showroom or event isn’t on a Downtown Shuttle stop, grab a Go-Anywhere Shuttle

Most Market showrooms, seminars, and events are served by our Downtown Shuttle routes. If your destination is on a scheduled shuttle route, please use that service.

To reach any Market exhibitor or event that is not served by our Downtown Shuttles, and is within a 6 mile radius of the Transportation Terminal, use our FREE Go-Anywhere service. Please do not use our Go-Anywhere service to access any showroom that is served by our Downtown Showroom Shuttle service, our Park & Ride lots, or any hotel. Service to Private Home Housing is very limited, and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

To catch your Go-Anywhere Shuttle, go to the downtown Transportation Terminal or simply flag one down from any location in the Market area. You may also call 336.887.RIDE (7433) to have a shuttle dispatched to you.

Hours of Operation

Friday, October 21 – Tuesday, October 25, 7:30am - 8pm

Wednesday, October 26, 7:30am - 6pm

Plan Your Trip: Transportation

Our comprehensive FREE shuttle service is ready to take you where you want to go

High Point Market Maps

Downtown High Point Buildings and Showroom Map
Downtown Showroom Shuttle Routes Map
Park & Ride Lots Map
Outlying Showrooms Map

Fall 2022 maps will be available early October