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Radio Building - Museum, Floor 1

Shuttle Stop: 14 (Red/Green Line)

Neighborhood: Downtown Main

Corporate Phone: 305.668.7084

Taracea is an internationally recognized, environmentally friendly furniture brand known as a leader in the art of woodworking. From contemporary collections with clean lines, to age-old traditional styles, it is at the core of Taracea to respect the essence of each wood species and when possible, to maintain the woods organic shapes and natural character. This results in the embodiment of collaboration between nature and high-end artisanal design.

Our brands consist of:

Taracea Custom

Taracea Furniture - The art of our ebanists

Taracea Furniture - The art of our ebanists, carvers, polishers and varnishers

Taracea Furniture - The art of our metal founders, upholsterers and varnishers

Taracea Furniture - The art of our designers, marquetry-makers and wood turners


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