NOTE: Signing up for MyMarket does not automatically register you to attend High Point Market. Please be sure to register for your Market pass.

What is MyMarket?

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With the MyMarket tool you can customize your Market schedule, find exhibitors, select educational and social events, and save all of your selections to your personal itinerary. Download the MyMarket App to your Apple device, sign in, and your plan is automatically synced to the App.

MyMarket App

Save • Sync • Map

Take your personal Market plan with you wherever you go.

Look up exhibitors and quickly add them to your MyMarket plan.

Scroll through events by day, from morning to evening, to find your seminars, get-togethers, and networking opportunities.

When you're in High Point, tap "Navigate to Showroom" on any exhibitor profiles screen for blue dot navigation from your current location to the building's fron door - for all 180 Market buildings.

Inside the IHFC building, 220 Elm, and all four Centers of High Point locations, you can also enjoy blue dot navigation from showroom to showroom - even if they're floors apart! Indoor navigation will be available for other multi-tenant buildings in furture Markets.