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Schwung Home USA Inc.

501 S. Centennial St.

Shuttle Stop: 11 (Green Line)

Neighborhood: Centennial Wrenn South

Schwung, Pronunciation: /ʃvʊŋ/, is a German word, and loosely defined, means energy or momentum, of a positive manner. In Schwung kommen: to bring to life. Synonyms: verve, zest, panache, momentum, sparkle, vitality.

Schwung Home is a European based company with a 30,000 sq. ft. showroom in High Point, NC. Here we showcase a plethora of European Antiques, vintage items and curiosities (which are “one of a kinds”), along with our original, iconic and timeless lighting.
Our lighting is all handcrafted in the heart of Europe, products of a labor of love. We redefine form and shape to create a beautiful mix of classicism and modernism.
We are also the exclusive distributors of Ateliers C&S Davoy in the U.S.A. This home accessory line is made up of pieces inspired by history, art and travels. A beautiful addition to your cabinet of curiosities.