Welcome Home News Now

New industry publication intends to be authoritative voice on retail trends and events

High Point Market is excited to welcome a new media partner to the home furnishings industry. Home News Now (HNN), launched on August 4, 2020 and is set to become an essential new source for retail-focused home furnishings industry news.

The publication pursues a three-fold mission

  1. Share news, stories, and strategies
  2. Learn from industry perspectives and initiatives
  3. Build on industry experiences

“Our goal,” said HNN editor in chief Clint Engel, “is to be the authoritative voice for best practices in home furnishings retail, and thereby make our entire industry better, smarter, faster, more productive, and more profitable. It’s not a simple task, but I can’t think of one thing about this industry that’s simpler today than it was a year ago or even a month ago. Product shortages, tariffs, anti-dumping duties, COVID-19 pandemic, closings, reopenings, closings again. Each day brings uncharted waters. That’s why we have assembled a team of experienced industry journalists who can help you make sense of what’s going on and define, or redefine, your piece of the marketplace.”

Engel comes to the editor-in-chief role after gaining years of industry experience as senior retail editor of Furniture Today (FT). His colleague on the editorial side, Jennifer Bringle, developed unparalleled expertise covering the design trade, outdoor sector, and smaller independents during her tenure at Casual Living. Her reporting will add breadth and depth to HNN’s offering. Publisher Rick Harrison, also an FT alum, is deeply rooted in home furnishings, and has a strong desire to help this industry shine.

Clint Engel, Editor In Chief

Rick Harrison, Founding Publisher

Jennifer Bringle, Design / Small Retail Editor

“As retail floors and websites represent that moment of truth in our industry – that place where the supply chain, marketing, reps, software, and people converge to determine success or failure in real-time,” said Engel, “retail will receive the lion’s share of our coverage and consideration. But because these sectors are so woven together, so reliant on each other for their wellbeing, coverage will expand beyond retailers to assist as manufacturers, reps, service providers, and others. After all, leaders in each of these disciplines succeed by selling the same thing. It’s not furniture. It’s solutions.”

This is a scary, uncertain time, but also a time of incredible opportunity for those prepared to successfully navigate the myriad paradigm shifts ahead. HNN plans to help with that navigation by bringing the right stories to the forefront, stories about:

  • What’s working at retail
  • Expansion news, new hires, new marketing and merchandising strategies
  • Perspectives on the sustainability of this current industry rally and whether, in 2021, the home will truly emerge as the new haven for living, working, relaxing
  • What you expect from show managers, suppliers, and service providers when it comes to safety protocols at conferences and markets

“To those who are wondering whether our industry really needs yet another newsletter, another source highlighting the news and news releases of the day, I say, no, we don’t need more of the same,” said Engel. “What we need is a credible source that offers solutions to the industry, speaks to industry thought leaders who are succeeding via innovative strategies, and then shares these insights with our audience. We believe HNN will fill that void in our marketplace.”

To track this valuable new resource, go to the Home News Now website and subscribe. We are thrilled to welcome this new venture from three well-established experts who are dedicated to helping our industry thrive.