How To Land Your Ideal Client

Follow these seven simple steps from design business coach Melissa Galt

Interior design marketing strategy only works when you work it, and to be workable, it can’t take too much time. This simple, seven step strategy will help you generate more ideal clients in a lot less time.

1. Create a Most Wanted Poster for Your Ideal Client

What you think about you bring about, and what you visualize comes into view. If you’re like most designers, you haven’t taken the time to determine who your ideal client is beyond someone who trusts you completely and has a generous design investment. There’s a lot more to it.

When you take the time to determine who your ideal client is, you’ll find more of them showing up. Specify every important characteristic you can think of, because when you know who they are and what they want, you can customize your messaging and your marketing to specifically attract them. Oh, and don’t worry, you don’t have to figure out what those important characteristics might be, just use this shortcut.

2. Craft a Top 10 Potential Client List

Did you notice that new owner who just moved into the million-dollar home in that neighborhood you’re already working in? They belong on your Top 10 List. How about your spouse’s new boss, who just relocated to your city? Didn’t your dentist mention that he and his family were moving?

Go to your Most Wanted poster. Focus clearly on who you want to work with. Create opportunities to connect with them specifically, and explore ways to work with them.

3. Connect, Follow, or Fan Your Top 10 Potential Clients on Social Media

What better way to connect than to leverage the power of social media? You don’t need to follow everyone, only those who you currently do business with, want to do business with, and are gate openers to more business. Less is more when it comes to whom you follow.

Start by strategically following your Top 10 List and people who fit your ideal client profile. You get the bonus of learning about their priorities, their lifestyle, their values, and their views — all of which you can add to your Most Wanted poster.

4. Engage Your Top 10 List & Potential Ideal Clients in Conversation

It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many designers will follow their potential ideal clients but fail to engage in conversation and start relationship building. Lurking online isn’t going to grow your business. You want to look for opportunities to comment, engage, and get noticed.

Social media can be a huge time suck if you’re approaching it without solid interior design marketing strategies. Your focus yields your fortune. And remember, it’s never about how many, but about how hot they are.

5. Post Questions in Your Social Media to Encourage Engagement

Everyone has an opinion, and it’s just smart marketing strategy to provide questions, polls, and more in your feed. This invites those who follow you — including potential clients — to engage with you.

6. Invite Direct Messages from Your Followers

When you can move a follower from a feed comment to a direct message, you’ve started a personal conversation that can move them into a Design Discovery conversation. If you’ve noticed they comment and like your content, find out if they have plans for a redesign, an interior update, a remodel, or even a renovation. Then, make the invite and provide your scheduler.

7. Use a Scheduler for Ease of Access and to Avoid Text Tag

Be prepared when it comes to scheduling your Design Discovery. Provide a schedule link with at least four convenient times in a given week. Do not provide an entire day. It will make you look downright desperate (and that’s not very appealing). Simple schedulers include Calendly, Acuity, ScheduleOnce, and TimeDrive. Find your best fit.

Following the steps here will help you focus proactively on your ideal clients instead of just waiting and wondering to see who shows up. Applying strategic marketing and every step detailed here will land you in the right conversations to get better projects on board. Try it!

Of course, landing your next ideal client is just the start of a successful and profitable project. Having the right rate structure is the key to a proposal that maximizes your margin while assuring your ideal client of your unparalleled value. Fall 2021 High Point Market offers two opportunities to get business building advice from designer business coach Melissa Galt. On October 16, at 10am, she will discuss “How to Leverage Flat Fees; The Fast Track to Better Clients & Bigger Profits,” in the Universal Furniture showroom. And on Sunday, October 17, at 2pm she will present “Turning Productivity into Profit” at The Point.

About Melissa Galt

A successful residential interior designer for more than 25 years, Melissa has more than 15 years experience coaching designers to double their revenues in half the time with clients they love. Her proven processes, tested tools, and smart strategies will build your business quickly while you have the time of your life. The author of “Marketing Luxury Design: Attracting Affluent Clients,” she is a popular speaker and prolific writer on design business topics. The great granddaughter of iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright, some say design is in Melissa’s DNA.