The Right Place For The Right People

Be sure you don’t overlook the value of being at the world’s greatest networking event, By Gail Doby, ASID

No doubt the first thing you think about when you’re planning to attend High Point Market is product. And maybe the second thing you think about is how much time you’ll spend on your feet. Fair enough. But there’s another big reason to come to Market that is easy to overlook until you get here – all the great people you meet.

Most of us have few occasions during the year when we get to meet and engage with lots of our colleagues and peers. Whether you’re looking to connect with other designers or with manufacturers and vendors, Market gives you more opportunities than any other event. This is where you can meet folks who understand your business, and who have the hands-on knowledge and experience to help you resolve or manage those issues that are nagging you.

“Even in casual conversations, you can gain a new perspective – or the reassurance that you’re not alone in the challenges you’re facing.”

Market is also a great place to reconnect with colleagues and friends you rarely get to see. Plus, you never know when a chance encounter will introduce you to someone who shares your enthusiasm for your type of design, has a business like yours, or can connect you to other people and resources that can help you build your business. Over the years I’ve made a number of valuable and lasting business relationships and friendships with people I probably never would have met if we hadn’t happened to be at Market at the same time.

When you are looking at products, you get the advantage of being able to talk with the people who make them, the company decision makers, and the reps who cover your home turf. And since these folks also talk with a lot of other designers and contractors, they have information and insights to share that you just won’t come across anywhere else.

“You can get answers to all of your questions – on any subject from features and availability to installation and care – in one place.”

At the educational seminars, you not only enjoy the opportunity to hear from leading experts on what’s happening in our industry and profession, to squeeze in some professional development time, or to polish up your business and marketing skills, you can often meet the people behind those great ideas. It’s a great way to build a network that can build your knowledge base.

So, when you make your plans for Market, plan to meet some people who can help your business thrive. Spring 2019 High Point Market is April 6 - 10, and you can register now. I’d love to meet you while you’re in town. Kathleen DiPaolo and I will be speaking on Systematizing Your Business For Sanity on Saturday morning, April 6, at 9am, in the Learning Center at Universal To The Trade showroom. We will also offer two new Universal Unplugged with Gail Doby sessions on Saturday, April 6, and Sunday, April 7. Check the Events section for start times and descriptions – and be sure to check out all of the other opportunities to learn something – and meet someone – new.

About Gail Doby

Gail Doby, ASID, is a mentor, advisor and Co-CEO who is passionate about design, experienced in business, and on a mission to help you experience a quantum leap. Her firm Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting, and its sister company, Design Success University, have been coaching interior designers to make more profit and rapidly scale their businesses since 2008.