North Carolina Ports.
Turbocharge your order.

You’ve chosen the best home furnishings. Now choose the best port to get them there.

North Carolina Ports is the world-class port for moving world-class furniture – fast. The upshot? You save time, money, and headaches.

Our super-fast, uber-efficient service is thanks to our capabilities, connections, highly-trained staff, and outstanding productivity rates. In fact, the Port of Wilmington has one of the highest crane and gate productivity rates on the United States East Coast.

Together, our unbeatable efficiencies mean more than 45 moves per hour with each neo-Panamax crane. And it only takes twenty minutes for trucks to get in and out of the gate.

Newer. Better. Faster.

Life in the fast lane is faster than ever. With our $200 million capital improvements campaign, the Port of Wilmington has added a host of landside and waterside efficiencies to deliver your goods quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Landside, we’ve installed three new neo-Panamax container cranes, which feature a longer outreach to accommodate the loading and unloading of ultra-large container vessels, allowing us to service multiple big ships simultaneously. We’re also renovating our berths to offer more than 2,600 consecutive feet of container berth space.

Waterside, we’ve expanded the Port of Wilmington’s turning basin to allow ocean vessels up to 14,000 TEUs to safely and optimally turn around in the Wilmington Harbor. Also underway is a study determining the feasibility of enhancing the harbor to accommodate the largest container vessels calling on the United States East Coast.

Less congestion. Less waiting. More profitability.

The capabilities and improvements that allow us to quickly and efficiently load, unload, and maneuver ultra-large container vessels lead to a congestion-free port. And a competitive advantage.

At the Port of Wilmington, there’s no two to three day wait to berth a vessel. Just the better, faster, more expansive services you need to delight your customers – and your logistics manager.

We offer a strategic location with direct connections to Asia, Latin America, and Europe. We boast exceptional rail and truck services that link Wilmington to delivery networks across North Carolina and beyond. In short, we have everything you need to support your global supply chain needs.

Choose the Port of Velocity and Volume.

High Point is the furniture capital. The Port of Wilmington is the Port of Velocity and Volume.

With superior breadth and depth of offerings, we deliver exceptional service with bottom-line efficiencies that simply can’t be matched by other ports.

See how our speed to market sets us apart from our competitors – and can help you do the same. Talk to us today.