Capture This Moment In Our History

American Home Furnishings Hall Of Fame to document our industry’s COVID-19 response

We are living through an historic moment. Often, after such moments have passed, the people who lived through them look around and notice that we were all too busy getting through to document how we did it. Not this time. The Home Furnishings Hall of Fame Foundation is launching a COVID-19 initiative to collect and archive our industry’s response to the pandemic.

“During World War II, many factories were converted to support the war effort but sadly, we have very spotty records – just references to it,” says Karen McNeill, Hall of Fame Foundation CEO. “The COVID-19 crisis represents a watershed moment in home furnishings history that has changed everything from how we do business to how we go about our daily lives and interact with family, friends, and coworkers. We need to document and archive the COVID response for future generations.”

“Companies moved swiftly to protect employees and their families, and employees worked selflessly to answer the national need, some by shifting production to address critical shortages in PPE and other materials needed on the front lines by medical professionals and other essential workers. Other companies have set the standard for giving through donations of time, money, and resources to charitable causes in their communities.”

Here’s how to preserve your company’s history

The Hall of Fame is seeking magazine and newspaper articles, press releases, and company newsletters detailing your company and how it has responded to COVID-19. Examples may include shifting manufacturing to address pandemic-related shortages, employee safety programs, community or nationwide initiatives, charitable donations, or other ventures.

Of particular interest are examples of your company's design or production of PPE or other materials manufactured during the pandemic. Photographs or small items, such as a mask or fabric sample, are welcome forms of documentation. Please also include photographs or short video clips, and brief descriptions of the materials you produced, as well as increased safety measures designed to protect employees, clients, buyers, or others.

Digital materials can be sent to Please mail physical items to 202 Neal Place, Suite 101, High Point, NC 27262.

“In the future, when we look back on the response of our industry to the challenges of this unique moment, the Hall of Fame wants to ensure that we preserve a rich record,” McNeill says. “This industry has always been generous and now we need for you to tell us your story, not just to create an industry record, but for the public record, in order to preserve these very special and significant stories.”

For further information, contact Dr. Kyle Hughes, the Hall of Fame historian and curator at 336.882.5900 or by email,

About the American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame Foundation, Inc.

Based in High Point, North Carolina, home of the American home furnishings industry since the early 20th Century, the Foundation was established to preserve our industry’s history. In addition, it celebrates exceptional individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the U.S. home furnishings industry, to inspire a new class of innovation and leadership. Currently headquartered at 202 Neal Place, Suite 101, the Foundation expects to open its permanent home in the heart of the Market district in 2021.