Beautiful Rug. Beautiful Story.

How we’re working to reveal and repair the greatest flaw in some handcrafted rugs, by Nina Smith, CEO, GoodWeave International

A luxury, handmade rug is often the centerpiece of a room, literally the thread that ties the space together. When a designer or end consumer sources a carpet or rug, they learn intricate details about the materials, design, and color. Rarely, though, do they know about the hands that tied the knots.

That’s where GoodWeave International comes in. Founded 25 years ago, GoodWeave is dedicated to ending child labor and improving adult working conditions in the making of carpets, home textiles, garments, fashion accessories, and more.

In the carpet industry, GoodWeave partners with over 170 brands around the world – including High Point Market exhibitors Company C, Loloi, and New Moon – to ensure their rug producers adhere to our clear and rigorous standards. We verify compliance by regularly mapping and inspecting factories, worksites, and facilities all the way down to cottage industry sites and individual homes. These inspections sometimes lead us to exploited children, whom we offer rehabilitation and education. To date, GoodWeave has rescued nearly 7,700 child laborers and provided education to more than 36,000 children through programs in India, Nepal, and Afghanistan. These social programs are heavily subsidized through the sale of GoodWeave certified rugs.

Comapny C


New Moon

How Goodweave works to improve people’s lives

  • A company contacts Goodweave to have their products certified as free of child, forced, and bonded labor.
  • Both the rug importer and exporter are licensed by GoodWeave.
  • Goodweave field inspectors begin inspecting the entire supply chain to verify the manufacturing process.
    • In 2019, GoodWeave inspectors in Nepal made regular visits to over 5,000 worksites in India and Nepal.
  • Sometimes, in the course of inspecting a manufacturing worksite, GoodWeave will uncover issues like child labor, forced labor, or bonded labor.
  • Any child found working on a loom in India or Nepal is removed, and GoodWeave supports a range of educational opportunities for rescued and at-risk children.
  • Each rug crafted by a GoodWeave partner is issued a unique GoodWeave certification number. The label containing this number is affixed to the underside of the rug before it is shipped to the customer, and allows thoroughly transparent tracing of the supply chain from loom to buyer.

Los Angeles designer Kristi Nelson, managing partner of KMNelson Design, insists on sourcing socially responsible products for her clients. She notes, “Thanks to GoodWeave, designers can specify ethically made rugs.”

For Kristi’s client, Tara Jacquot, the assurance offered by GoodWeave greatly increases the value of the products she buys. “A custom, hand-loomed carpet with the GoodWeave label ensures I’m adding beauty to my home while helping a child to a better life. What’s better than that?!”

To find out more, visit the GoodWeave website, or visit the Company C, Loloi, and New Moon showrooms at Market.