Abstract Art

Taking visual cues

Shape, form, color, and line are visual tools for the abstract artist – and also for these High Point Market exhibitors.

One-of-a-kind and fine rugs vendor Art Resources created its new Marrakesh Collection by mixing the colors and textures of Baluchistan tribal rugs to a modern effect in vegetable-dyed, hand-spun wool.

Art Resources

Charles Herald Co. artist Ralph Turturro has exhibited in New York and San Francisco galleries since 1989. His original work, ‘Shock Cycle Tweaked’, is a mixed media painting on canvas, framed in a silver floater.

Charles Herald Co.

Design Legacy by Kelly O’Neal is where artist Kelly O’Neal translates handpainted upholstery textiles from his artworks like ‘Balloon Thief’, shown here on the company’s brass Saxon chair frame. Each piece is painted to order.

Design Legacy by Kelly O’Neal

Miami glass artisans are engaged by Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting for freehand glassblowing to create a unique, sculptural light with amber colored pendants suspended under a gold leafed canopy.

Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting

Pom Pom at Home offers up Milo, a 20 by 20-inch throw pillow made from a hand loomed, all-cotton fabric featuring spare hash, hash marks and a mood to evoke the abstractionist paintings of Gerhard Richter.

Pom Pom at Home

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