Uniquely Crafted

Honour Collection offers a carefully curated mix of handmade luxury originals

Christina Harmon, creator of whimsical Market up-and-comer Honour Collection, relies on a richly diverse background to inform her product selections. Her work with top luxury retailers, hospitality projects, textile design, and even the wine business, has helped hone her design skills and sharpen her ability to create a collection that is luxurious, liveable, and totally unique.

Honour’s carefully curated product mix includes everything from luxury textiles, stunning mineral specimens, and objet d'art. Each is made of modern, heirloom-quality materials (think velvet, linen, and silks in modern, splashy colors), and meticulously crafted to last.

“My team works only with traditionally-trained, local seamstresses and every product is handmade here in the United States.”

In the Honour showroom, you'll find everything from earthen-scented natural candles and luxe weighted velvet drapes in punchy colors to oversized, artistic throw pillows, a rock collection to die for – and maybe even a surprise or two. Her Cameo on Charcoal pillow features hand-dyed duck feathers affixed to overdyed 100 percent dupioni silk. “This piece is flirtatious, glowing proof that pretty is back,” Harmon says. “It’s luxurious and surprisingly comfortable and durable.” And (bonus), it was designed with utility in mind: “You can lean back on it and not worry about what the feathers are going to do.”

Expect to see a lot of whimsical novelty pieces like the Kitty On Candy in Honour’s fall collection. “We start with a cotton velvet base,” Harmon says, “then line and trim the piece with 100 percent cotton. All patches are double-fixed with adhesive and stitching and are extremely well-constructed in Virginia by our couture seamstress. I am absolutely living my best life with this creation, you’ll see a ton of work like this for Fall Market.

Harmon loves rocks, is ruled by the mantra “Mother Nature does it best,” and doesn’t dare try to out-design the master. “I also like to celebrate the beauty of natural products as they are – we don’t glue them on acrylic bases or put them on stands,” she says. This Pyrite mineral specimen is sourced from Peru, and perched atop a large slab of petrified wood. “This is a value stone but is also incredibly high impact and sparkly. With our connections we’re able to get them big at good prices to incorporate into interior design projects.” The Fall Market showroom will feature this and similar minerals, as well as oversized slabs of petrified wood.

For her amber bracelet, Harmon sourced the materials from her brother’s property in Chiapas, Mexico. The nearly 30 million-year-old amber, which occurs naturally in this color, is credited with having healing, grounding properties, and Harmon will include the fossilized tree resin throughout Honour’s mid-range, approachable jewelry line for fall.

After debuting last spring in InterHall, Honour Collection has chosen SALON for its second Market appearance. "We feel this is where the coolest products at all of Market can be found," Harmon says. "We're in good company there!"