This Time, It’s Personal

First solo collection by Alfredo Paredes unites a world of influences in one vision

Elle Décor placed it first in their list of “10 new launches that caught our eye at Spring Market.” It earned mention from Architectural Digest and Galerie, as well. And many of the retailers and designers who saw the debut of the new Alfredo Paredes collection by EJ Victor hailed it as the most exciting launch at Spring Market.

Although this is the first collection to bear his name, Alfredo Paredes has more than three decades of interior and product design experience. As Executive VP and Chief Creative Retail Officer at Ralph Lauren, his sophisticated style graced international stores, iconic restaurants, and billions of products from furniture to flatware to fabrics.

“I left Ralph Lauren in January 2019, and a year later, I launched my interior design studio,” said Paredes. “When John Jokinen, Chief Creative Officer of EJ Victor, saw the announcement, he sent me a congratulatory text and asked if I’d be interested in a partnership.”

Jokinen had worked closely with Paredes when EJ Victor was licensed to produce the Ralph Lauren Home Collection. “Alfredo is a huge talent,” said Jokinen. “His clarity, taste, and sensibilities are in complete alignment with the aesthetic that defines our brand. We were thrilled to reunite to create his first solo collection.”

With this collection, Paredes is making a more personal statement. It reflects his love for European antiques and the flash and glamour of growing up in Miami in the 1970s.

“I feel so fortunate to be able to do this,” said Paredes, “I wanted this collection to be warm, inviting, comfortable, understandable, timeless, and sexy. Together, we achieved it all!”

Showroom shot from EJ Victor

Displayed in dramatic style by EJ Victor, the collection offers upholstered sofas, sectionals and chairs, dining and occasional tables, a bed, bar cabinet, and desk. Distinctively eclectic, its influences range from mid-century French, 18th-century Dutch and Spanish to Art Deco and old Hollywood.

“There’s truly something for everyone in this collection. While the pieces evoke different provenances, Alfredo has expressed his unique signature throughout,” said Jokinen.

Paredes has an engaging backstory for every piece. The Alhambra console is inspired by an antique he found in a shop in a Belgian alley 20 years ago. “Mine has much more patina, but the basic design is very similar. It has been photographed in my apartment many times. Everyone who sees it wants to buy it. We had to find a way to build it that was loyal to the original but not too costly,” said Paredes.

Alhambra Console

“The Paloma Desk is evocative of a simple sawhorse design I had at Ralph Lauren. I reinterpreted it with mixed materials.“

Paloma Desk

“The Cordoba sectional would suit a ‘40’s Hollywood mogul, and the Art Deco look of the Collins Chair is from Collins Ave. in Miami.”

Cordoba Sectional

Collins Chair

Though he was happy to hear the resounding media acclaim, Jokinen said, “The responses from the retailers and the designers were the most rewarding. They were blown away by everything — the collection, the display, the merchandising — and they were thrilled to meet and talk with Alfredo.”

The Alfredo Paredes Collection is built at the EJ Victor plant in Morganton, North Carolina. The first orders will be delivered in October, and Paredes promises to deliver new reasons to place new orders at Fall Market, October 16-20.

Alfredo Paredes Collection for EJ Victor

“I’m a designer, but I’m also a merchant,” said Paredes, “We got people excited with the intro, but we can’t rest on our laurels. Once you get their heart rates moving, you have to keep it up. We’ll fine-tune and add some pieces at October Market to build on our buzz. I’ll be there to share more stories.” Based on the enthusiasm generated at Spring Market, the EJ Victor showroom, located at 116 S. Lindsay St. is one stop you’ll want to be sure is on your Fall Market list.