Where the Organic Meets Artistry

It’s hard not to be enticed by the offerings from Phillips Collection.

It only takes a glance at their striking and unique pieces to be instantly impacted by them! They were on my must-see list at High Point Market, and I’ll give you several reasons why they should be on yours, too!

Family First

Founded in 1983 by Mark and Julie Phillips and Mark’s parents, Sherry and Larry Phillips. Phillips Collection is both family owned and family operated. Jason and Jessica Phillips make up the third generation. Needless to say, it’s definitely a family affair! The Phillips family attributes much of the magic we see in their company to a special dynamic that results from having people so deeply invested that almost every dinner involves a work-related conversation! That’s what I call passion!

Phillips says their collections are “born from a love of discovery and design.” Their pieces each have an undeniable organic and traveled quality that speaks to the lengths the company goes to source them.

A Modern, Organic Aesthetic

In piece after piece, Mother Nature’s influence, combined with Phillips Collection’s artistry, wows with features like the brilliant, organically-shaped gold displayed against the matte black of the Circular Cracked mirror.

The Geode mirror is reminiscent of true stone dazzling, and the black and gold is neutral enough to fit any space.

The most recent additions to Phillips Collection feel like a love letter to our earth. The Teak Root console table and Revolving Circle natural teak wood sculpture both feature the natural hardwood in all its beauty.

Don’t let anyone tell you that “natural” can’t be glamorous! I love the swirling edges of the Silver Leaf Waterfall desk and the Cast Onyx bowl with a finish that resembles the veining found in real onyx.

Breegan Jane

Designer, entrpreneur, lifestyle expert and philanthropist in Los Angeles