Let There Be Light

My thirst for beautiful lighting is adequately quenched at Hinkley.

I’m not ashamed to say that I am completely obsessed with light fixtures. They are as important to the design of a space as any other element, and a room is just not complete until it has the right lighting. I think about the lighting in a room from the very beginning stages of planning and design, and not just about the light a fixture will provide but what the fixture looks like when turned off, as well. I have been using Hinkley light fixtures for my clients for years now and was delighted when they opened a showroom for the first time at Fall Market. Being in Market Square, they get the cool benefit of aged wood floors, brick walls, exposed ceiling pipes, and that antique, industrial feel that is unique to Market Square. It’s a dream backdrop for a lighting showroom. Hinkley’s showroom is beautiful, well laid out, and houses all of their bestselling chandeliers, pendants, sconces, outdoor lighting, and ceiling fans.

No matter what style space I am designing, I can find a light fixture that will be the perfect fit at Hinkley. For a large area when you want lots of light and a fixture that will be a focal point with a modern feel, I love the Skye extra large two tier chandelier designed by Lisa McDennon.

If I am wanting to up the glam in a space but still keep it classic, the Echelon multi tier fixture with it’s faux alabaster and brass gives me an art deco vibe that still blends well with many styles. This fixture is just so gorgeous.

A sconce is an indispensable item that I use in many capacities in my designs. Bathrooms are of course where everyone thinks of using them. I also use them on bookcases, in dining rooms, in window seats, in hallways, butler’s pantries, up staircases, and anywhere else they can fit. I love the Warby sconce because you can hang it up or down and it comes in clear or opal glass.

I have a very strong passion for lighting and Hinkley’s fixtures are among those I come back to again and again, because I always find what I am looking for. Their beautiful, brand new showroom at High Point Market is a must see in my book!

Molly Kay Johns

Founder, Principal Designer, MK Interiors