A Reciprocal Love

What makes Caracole the “it spot” for me?

It starts with their quality, attention to detail, and use of materials. They create individual pieces, rather than collections. Plus, they disregard the notion that particular pieces must reside in particular rooms. These characteristics all come to life in distinctive pieces for every room of the home.

Inspired and sophisticated, they also incorporate a-ha moments and multi-functional practicality, like hidden electronic charging stations, innovative storage options and other special details. Caracole is about creativity, expression and fun; they’re jazzy and give you all the things you want a home to be!

“Interiors are meant to evoke a feeling of both comfort and interest. Caracole’s sense of scale, glamour, and design sensibility makes them one of the greatest resources in the luxury design market."

Keia McSwain

Principal Designer, Kimberly & Cameron Interiors