Style Spotters Style Stories

Volume 1, Issue 1

Our 2021 Style Spotters brought a rich array of perspectives to their Market experiences, and what you are about to read reflects that richness. Working with this team was a real joy, and while we’re sad that this Market ends their tenure as Style Spotters, we are glad to see them be the first to tackle our new mission.

With this inaugural issue of Style Spotters Stories, we shift from focusing only on trends to searching for the stories that defined this Market. We loved the way our Style Spotters became journalists seeking out and reporting those stories. Among the most inspiring was the emergence of maker culture, as seen in showrooms offering products from artisans around the globe.

Speaking of richness (and trends), we all noted the rich textures that permeated the showrooms. Boucle was literally everywhere, often mixed with velvets, or even leather. This mixing of materials that one might not expect to see together was one of the macro trends of Fall 2021.

We all celebrated the emergence of indigenous patterns from diverse cultures. We noted these in textiles, rugs, accessories, lighting, and furniture. We believe this will become a macro trend driven by our culture’s evolution and our increasing focus on inclusivity and diversity.

We also noted that there were quite a few showrooms that went neutral and textural but other colorways took off in a bold direction inspired by Art Deco. Organic greens and warm earth tones like spice, cinnamon, cognac, and straw were also prevalent. Plus, many products made of organic fibers added the tones of raffia, reeds, and rattan to the mix.

Over the past 3 or 4 Markets we’ve all noted the importance of hardware as the jewelry of collections. This Market was perhaps the best in that regard.

We look forward to seeing you at Spring 2022 High Point Market, April 2-6!

Shay Geyer

Style Spotter Advisor

Gary Inman

Style Spotter Advisor


We hope you enjoy immersing yourself in the style and stories defining home, as seen through the eyes of our talented Style Spotters. We are delighted to bring you their insights in the following categories:

Tells the story behind a product or brand, giving the reader a deeper understanding and appreciation of how a piece is made, the culture it came from, the artisans who make it, or the science behind it.

A story built around a style, a product category, colors, textures, or any number of themes.

A celebration of a favorite product, collection, or brand, sharing why it is beloved and a must-see stop at High Point Market.