Style Spotters Spring 2021 Preview

See some early favorites from this season’s new looks and launches

Looking through our exhibitors’ New Product Picks the 2021 Style Spotters have already found a few faves. From gorgeous mixings of materials to beautiful blendings of old and new, from bold statement pieces to flexible neutrals, there is plenty to get excited about for Spring Market.

Sara Malek Barney

9 & 19

Curved arms and white oak on the same piece?! Yes please – it’s like this sofa was made for me. I’m not really a minimalist when it comes to design but this sofa has the perfect balance of feeling dreamy and fresh, while also having visual interest with its curvy elements. I’m big on sit-testing all things upholstery, so I can’t wait to feel how cozy this gem is at Market.

Sunday Sofa


I’ve been loving abstract shaped accent tables so this piece really caught my eye. Dark, moody spaces have been so popular with our clients right now, and I am very excited about this trend. I’m looking forward to seeing this table in person at Market so I can incorporate it in some of our projects!

Cubist Side Table

Lauren Clement


Oh how I love a beautiful lamp and cannot wait to see this stunner at Market! The combination of the pearl resin with the free form floating mica is just a gorgeous mixing of materials, and it makes this lamp a true work of art. An original as no two are the same, this is a conversation piece and something that will be a forever piece to any home.

Parthenon Table Lamp


I love a statement-piece cabinet. Paired with art in a hallway or living room or even used in a smaller dining space, this piece appears to have the right recipe for style and function with its high gloss finish, mirrored top, and recycled glass details enclosing great storage. I also admire the size; it’s not too heavy-feeling as it floats on its steel base. This will be a show stopper for sure.

Aeolian Cabinet

Heather French


A folk inspired detail is one of my favorite touches to add to a room. The geometric carved doors and the scalloped trim feels fanciful but historical in a grey washed wood. A wallpaper or accent pillow with a scallop would be the perfect detail to tie it all together. I look forward to seeing this beautiful piece at Market!

Dutch Sideboard

9 & 19

I love to add a little whimsy to a room, and this bench is understated but unique! The shape of the arms is playful, mixed with a more traditional spindle style back, creating a beautiful marriage of old and new. An artfully modern piece to bring a special interest to an entry or hallway.

Double Rainbow Bench

Breegan Jane


I am currently really enjoying bold neutrals. To me, this credenza embodies that styling completely. The masterful use of texture and successive lineation is an example of how to create a bright and striking design while remaining familiar and grounded. I was smitten with the gold leg on the bottom that adds the right amount of elegance and class. This is modern approachable luxury, and I’m excited to see how these dynamics all play together with my own eyes!

Jaiden Three-Door Credenza


I believe a space is always improved when a design feels organic and complementary to its surroundings. I cannot wait to check out The Marston Wall Sconce from Generation Lighting! This fixture offers a sleek form that presents as stately without being intimidating. Its classic design allows it to work well in a multitude of home styles. It effortlessly infuses the elevated touch of one of my favorite materials, brass, burnished to add a richness and sheen to any space. I can only imagine how the soft glow from the bulb will beautifully illuminate the room!

Marston Wall Sconce

Molly Kay Johns


I'm obsessed with lamps and always on the hunt for good ones. They are so important in a space. This lamp has a very earthy feel to it while still looking sophisticated. For that reason, I feel like it can be used in many different applications and styles. I love the neutral color which will also make it a very versatile piece. It's soft and beautiful and I love the finish on it. I can't wait to scope it out in person!

Adrian Table Lamp


I have always loved rattan and caning. I love to mix it into designs no matter the style of the space because I feel like there is always room for a little bit of it somewhere! This sideboard goes big with it and I love it. I especially love how the design wraps around the sides of the piece, which is very unique. The contrasting colors are also what make this a stand out design. I will definitely have this high on my list of must sees at Market!

Kanton Sideboard

Steve McKenzie


I love a great buffet and this sexy piece would work in so many interiors. The combination of the materials, walnut, brass, and mirror, creates true sophistication. The 20th century Eastern European sensibility delivers a distinctive style.

Bohemia Buffet


A must for every home, a great bar. The attention to detail on this piece with the Verre Eglomise discs in gold evoke a bygone era. I can picture cocktails in Venice in one of the grand palais overlooking the canal. It would bring sophistication to any space.

Gin's Drinks Cabinet

Keia McSwain


Furnishing that doubles as artwork is a yes for me! Clean straight lines paired with a curved seat is the perfect juxtaposition for this chair. The dark ebony wood ushers in a subtle essence of femininity and a dash of masculinity, fit for royalty. Its versatility will allow us several options for its use, and I'm elated to see it in person at Market.

Doc Chair


Brass is at the top of my metal trends list in 2021. I'm avid about mixing metals with amazing natural textures and textiles. This table in its trio of pieces exudes a feeling of completeness, and it will for sure play a leading role in an upcoming project. I'm looking forward to putting my hands on it at Market.

Galvarino 3-Piece Coffee Table

Justin Shaulis


The 70's have never looked better than in this luxe chair. Suitable for lounging and conversing, its fabric appears just as sumptuous as its shape. I’m eager to give it a sit test – preferably with a martini!

Harp Occasional Chair


There is a great desire in the design market for stylish but ergonomic desks, and this one hits the mark! It's sophisticated and spare, and its skyscraper-esque telescoping legs prove you can be adjustable and elegant. I’m eager to try the mechanism myself!

Custom Adjustable Height Desk