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New Augmented Reality technology helps build home furnishings sales

The Coronavirus pandemic has tested, and continues to test, every facet of our infrastructure. Innovation is required for life to go on and people are finding new ways to do everything. Augmented Reality (AR) has seen an increase in adoption and is expected to become even more a part of our everyday lives. Seek, a leader in AR for retailers, will demonstrate its benefits at Fall Market.

When it comes to retail, AR technology is helping consumers buy the right product the first time without ever having to leave their house. Even with partial reopenings, people are reconsidering the necessity of going out and are increasingly turning to online shopping. As a result, e-commerce penetration as a percent of retail spend has grown from 11% in 2019 to 15% in 2020.

AR enhances the sales process

Home furnishings has been among the industries to experience the biggest increases in online sales. Payment solution provider ACI Worldwide reported a 97% increase in online furnishings purchases in March 2020 vs. March 2019. Now, brands that are looking for ways to bring the in-store shopping experience online are finding AR one of the most cost effective ways to do so.

When furniture retailers incorporate AR into their digital sales kit, consumers can use their smartphones to see what products will look like in their home before they buy. This preview can motivate an immediate purchase or inspire a trip to the store for a more complete experience. Also, when customers are in the store, retailers can use a scannable QR code to provide additional information via AR, thereby minimizing contact between sales rep and customer. Retailers are also using Seek AR technology to help consumers take important first steps down the path to purchase.

Create a sense of ownership

Studies show that touching or holding a product in-store increases the feeling of ownership. AR creates this sensation by allowing shoppers to accurately visualize a product in their home – while they’re still at home. This not only increases their perception of ownership, it also increases how much they are willing to spend.

Build buying confidence

The ability to see a product in the room where it will live eliminates doubt in ways that mere images just can’t. Using Seek AR, shoppers can accurately understand not only how the product will fit in the space, but can see how its shape, colors, and patterns will interact with the other furnishings.

Increase conversions and decrease returns

Nationally, 30% of all online purchases are returned, costing companies a total of up to $1 trillion annually. Companies that have used AR technology have seen a 25% decrease in returns and a 150% increase in customer conversion.

Offer access from any device

Early generations of AR were only available through an app. Now, customers can view products in AR directly from a website with one click from their mobile device.

To see how Seek can help you elevate your customers’ experience, increase revenue, and decrease returns, stop by their Pop-Up exhibit on the corner of Commerce Avenue and Wrenn Street during Fall Market. For an overview of how their technology works, visit the Seek website.