Past Perfect

How and Where to Shop for Antiques and Reproductions

Shoppers seeking pieces that possess the sophistication only time imparts will find hundreds of exhibitors to explore in High Point. To give you a head start in your search for quality antiques and exquisite reproductions, we asked several experienced antique afficionados to reveal their favorite haunts – and their best tips for finding well-aged perfection.

“I have found the dealers in Market Square to be a great source.”

I find many treasures at Acquisitions,” says Kathryn Greeley, interior designer, antiques and collectibles expert, and author of The Collected Tabletop. “They have unique, quality pieces and are always willing to search for things that I need for a project. And I regularly find lots of interesting pieces at the Antique and Design Center.”

Designer and Style Spotter alumnus, Gary Inman concurs with Greeley on the Antique & Design Center, but notes that time can be as important as place for the antiques buyer. “I always shop this resource early during Market week before the gems are all purchased.”

214 Modern Vintage

Antiques Warehouse

Located in Market Square, the Antique & Design Center is situated among another favorite resource. “I also never miss Acquisitions on the mezzanine level,” said Inman. Randall Tysinger and Clubcu are other sources I value.”

Where does the antiques dealer shop? “Of course, the Antique and Design Center is number one on my list,” says Karen Luisana, an interior designer, antiques dealer and founder of the Antique and Design Center. But Luisana admits to loving other places as well. “Head to Randall Tysinger for the ultimate inspiration.”

“Always do your research. Research is key!”

What if you need an authentic look, but not provenance? “In terms of reproductions and interpretations, I admire William Yeoward at Jonathan Charles. Hickory Chair, Chaddock, Kindel and Century are all excellent sources for antique-inspired designs,” said Inman.

Currey & Company is a personal favorite,” said Luisana.

Designer and author Barry Dixon adds a few more to the list. “For reproductions, Tomlinson and Arteriors,” said Dixon. “And there's no one better than Baker Furniture for pulling it all together.”

“Each piece has to move me on some level.”

Currey & Co.

Baker Furniture

Selecting and buying antiques is different from purchasing newly manufactured furniture. These unique pieces require a buyer with not only design savvy, but also historical knowledge, a sharp eye, an understanding of furniture construction and a keen business sense.

“Learn as much as possible about pieces you’re considering,” said Greeley. "And know your dealer. I have a small stable of antique dealers that I know and trust."

“I like to use antiques to instill spaces with character and a sense of story.”

Greeley recommends taking the same care in examining each item before purchase. “I highly encourage clients to pass over pieces that have obvious breakage or poor repairs,” she said. “Buy the very best you can afford. It’s a rule that serves buyers well.”

“I try not to impose hard and fast rules,” said Inman, “but I spend considerable time educating and explaining why proportions, finishes, design languages, and provenance of a piece are essential to a beautiful space. Balance, tranquility, energy, patina, and connectivity are keys to my design approach. I like to use antiques to instill spaces with character and a sense of story.”

And although he’s flexible with clients, he does follow a personal rule. “I avoid too many heavy or dark pieces in a design,” said Inman. “Simplicity is my idea of luxury; clean lines and refined finishes defy trends.”

“Antiques are used to humanize spaces and to tie the present with the past,” said Luisana. “Every physical space needs a connector to the past. It provides the thread that ties us all together and makes the experience real! And she believes you’ll know when you’ve found the right piece. “Go by your gut instinct when choosing an antique.”

That’s varying, yet constructive, advice from people who’ve spent decades selecting treasures that fulfill their clients’ needs and dreams. Whether your preference is antiques or reproductions, and your approach is guided by extensive research or immediate gut reaction, you can be sure to find authentic, unique, and exquisite gems from other eras in the halls at High Point Market.