A Decade of Dramatic Discoveries

The Antique & Design Center: The premier destination for period pieces with stories to tell

“I go early and often, and ask what’s been held back,” said New York designer Justin Shaulis, a devoted customer of the Antique & Design Center. “Their dealers are among the world’s most well-traveled and knowledgeable curators of antique, vintage, and one-of-a-kind pieces. From the start, I’ve enjoyed extraordinary finds complete with stories that add intrigue and depth.”

Don Fields and Craig Ringstad Antiques

Antique dealer Karen Luisana opened the ADC at the 2010 Fall Market. The response was so overwhelming that halfway through that first Market, she saw they were onto something special. Karen and her business partner, Amanda Kinney, immediately negotiated a move from the freestanding showroom building to the ground floor of Market Square. Over the next ten years, this elite community of well-vetted vendors has grown from 54 to 75, and the number of self-proclaimed antique addicts who frequent the space has skyrocketed.

“We continuously work to refine and curate our offerings,” said Kinney. “We travel to the most distinguished antiques and design events across the country seeking people who showcase their goods in creative ways that appeal to designers. We choose dealers with a true love for the pieces they carry and a willingness to share the stories that make them exceptional.”

“If you want to become a great designer, you must deliver layered interiors,” said Atlanta-based Michel Smith Boyd. “Antiques and vintage pieces add inestimable value and an authentic sense of history. You create aspirational spaces that can’t be duplicated. For the past 22 Markets, the ADC has been my favorite place and first stop. I have an affinity for the ’60s and covet pieces that convey the glamour, fantasy, and romance of that era. And as a painter, I’m enthralled by old portraiture – the stories behind the subject, the tattered frame, the chipped gold leaf.”


“This is not your typical Market showroom experience,” said Shaulis. “All 75 dealers are focused on creating perfectly styled vignettes that are constantly changing. As pieces sell, they move them around. They buy from each other to ensure their spaces always sparkle. They also hold back inventory to sell later in the week. One of my most memorable purchases was a double-sided 4.5 ft by 7 ft unsigned painting with different subject matter on each side. My clients were captivated by the energy and movement of this unique piece. I installed it in their Brooklyn penthouse and traveled with it to reinstall in two different homes in London.”

“I’m a sucker for vintage jewelry,” said Katie Wozniak, owner of Katherine Elizabeth Designs in Barrington, Illinois. “Those glass cases drew me in, and the enthusiasm and wisdom of the vendors keeps me coming back. I tell younger colleagues, ‘Design a room with all new items. Then place one or two antiques. You’ll feel the energy change immediately with another layer of complexity and personality.’ Introducing pieces with a story brings new meaning and life to a home. My favorite was a stone carved hitching post I found for a grateful client. Next Market, I’ll buy for our firm’s new showroom – bringing more vintage pieces and antiques from the ADC to the Chicago area!”

“I came by my love of antiques early,” said District of Columbia designer Christian Daw. “My grandmother and stepmother owned several shops. I quickly learned that the story is the soul of the space, and reproductions just can’t have the same impact. Unfortunately, many young designers think antiques and vintage pieces are too expensive to consider or fear they will have to brave stuffy flea market type stores to search for potential treasures. I encourage them, and anyone else with these misperceptions, to visit the ADC. I don’t think there’s anyplace else where you can receive such a valuable education or one-of-a-kind experience – whether your budget is $50 or $50,000.”

Peridot Antiques

“Our dealers are always working with designers to find that perfect piece, whether it’s antique, vintage, artisan-made, original art, or jewelry,” said Kinney. “You have a wonderful opportunity to meet them at Market and build those long standing relationships.”