Anna Bond Arrives In High Point

Market attendees crowd Loloi showroom to meet the creative genius behind Rifle Paper Co.

Between scattered furniture displays, massive luxury rugs, and mountains of decorative pillows, it was a tight squeeze in the Loloi Rugs showroom on October 13th. But for the excited throng of designers, buyers, and industry insiders who had gathered to meet Anna Bond, illustrator and co-owner of Rifle Paper Co., a little crowding was more than worth it.

Even if you’ve never heard of Bond, you’ve probably seen her work. Her whimsical, hand-painted illustrations are stocked by over 6,000 retailers worldwide, and have graced everything from cards to calendars to Keds shoes – not to mention the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Elle. Now, in a collaboration with Loloi Rugs, they are gracing artisanal rugs and throw pillows – a team-up that has many industry insiders excited.

“She’s obviously extremely talented. It’s an incredible look.”

“She’s fantastic. We see her product everywhere,” said Natalie Reddell, design blogger at Commander in Chic. “To see that they’ve brought her work to life and joined it with interior design – it’s so fun and functional. It brings a joyful mood that some other lines don’t make you feel.”

A freelance illustrator who has turned her talents into a multimillion dollar paper empire, Anna Bond is one of the greatest artist success stories of the past few years. After obtaining her graphic design degree, she lived in an apartment above her in-laws’ garage, working odd jobs and freelance gigs to get by. She launched Rifle Paper Co. in 2009 with just $10,000 of start-up revenue. In 2016, the company reported annual revenue of $21.4 million, and bested that figure with $22.3 million in 2017. Last year, it sold more than 3,000,000 greeting cards – a feat made all the more impressive by the waning popularity of print.

When combined with Loloi’s brand recognition as a top-quality textile manufacturer, the collaboration is undoubtedly a match made in design heaven. Or, as one attendee at the launch event noted, “It’s Loloi. Of course it’s going to sell.”

“It’s exciting to see an artist branch out her profession and grow into our industry,” said Jessica White, interior architect at Group 4 Design. “The fact that she’s been able to branch into so many realms is really impressive. It shows that no matter how humble your beginnings, you really can do anything.”

Kevin Wu of Manhattan-based France and Son Furniture appreciated the opportunity to meet the artist, and recognizes that he enjoys real business benefits as a result. “We’ve been in the business for nine years,” he said, “and events like this are one of the pluses of High Point Market. The brand shows us that they’re investing in their business, that they’re growing, which means that if we invest in them, we’re going to grow with them,” he said.

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