Where the Ancient Reigns Supreme

Popular showrooms to visit when you’re shopping for antiques

For lovers of all things vintage, eclectic, lost, found, reclaimed, refurbished, and rediscovered, absolutely no other event in the world compares to High Point Market. However, Market also confronts the intrepid shopper with literally millions of square feet of showroom space. So how can one possibly find the ancient treasures amidst the vast array of showrooms dedicated to the latest trends? No worries: this list of popular antiques dealers will help you separate the old from the new like a pro.

214 Modern Vintage

Showroom: 214 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.; Red Line Shuttle, Stop 16

Located just a short, three-block walk (or a very quick shuttle ride) from the Transportation Terminal, the storefront showroom for 214 Modern Vintage is a must-see for those craving vintage pieces with a contemporary flair. Browse stunning works of fine art, 19th- and 20th- century furnishings, and a wide range of vintage accessories including couture jewelry, bags, scarves, and more.

214 Modern Vintage

Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture

Showroom: N Ct 104, N Ct 105 - 200 N. Hamilton St., Floor 1; Red Line Shuttle Stop 18

If a state-of-the-art reproduction will do, head over to Jonathan Charles, an English furniture designer specializing in exquisite European antique replicas. The company works with a wide range of artisans and employs age-old techniques such as hand-carving, marquetry, and bronze casting to ensure its pieces are reproduced as accurately as possible. It even has its own in-house brass foundry, in which it manufactures the custom pulls, hinges, locks, and keys that adorn its spectacular pieces.

Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture

Randall Tysinger

Showroom: 208 N. Elm St.; Red Line Shuttle, Stop 26

Another favorite of High Point Market veterans, Randall Tysinger offers a true global experience that will delight lovers of authentic, hand picked European antiques dating from the 17th, 18th, 19th, and occasionally 20th centuries.

Randall Tysinger

Antique & Design Center

Showroom: Ground & Mezzanine - Market Square, Red Line Shuttle, Stop 29

A longtime favorite of designers and deal-hunters, the Antique & Design Center offers some of the most cutting edge pieces at Market. Browse exquisite antiques, original artworks, and one-of-a-kind finds that simply can’t be purchased anywhere else.

M. Fowler Antiques

Blue Ocean Traders / Gypsy Marketplace

Showroom: 105 Depot Pl.; Green Line Shuttle, Stop 2

Craving a touch of the odd, the exotic, the obscure? Look no further than Gypsy Marketplace, a 20,000-square-foot cash-and-carry warehouse where you can touch, feel and take home anything that isn’t nailed down. The showroom is owned by Blue Ocean Traders which, following its motto “there’s nothing more green than vintage,” scours Europe, Asia, Egypt, and India for fantastic finds and well-aged treasures.

Blue Ocean Traders

Of course, there’s more!

This is just a small sampling of Market showrooms that feature antiques. For a full listing, head over to the Find Exhibitors section, click the “Categories” filter, and select “Antiques / Reproductions.” Sign into MyMarket to save your favorite showrooms, and then join us at Market to experience a stunning array of products that spans hundreds of years, today’s top trends, and the innovations that are defining the future of home fashion.