Information Centers

You don’t have to waste time wandering and wondering – let our experts show you the way

When you need to know how to find a showroom, seminar, event, or venue, our Information Centers are ready to help. Conveniently located throughout the Market area, they are open every day of Market Week (PTI Airport Information Centers are open Thursday through Tuesday of Market Week).

Commerce Avenue at Elm Street

Transportation Terminal on Commerce Ave.

200 North Hamilton Street

PTI Airport – Lower Level

Plan Your Trip: On-Site Resources

How to find the people and guidebooks that will help you find what you want at Market

Commerce Avenue at Elm Street

Sat. 10/22 - Tue. 10/25, 8am - 5pm
Wed. 10/26, 8am - 3pm

Transportation Terminal on Commerce Avenue

Thu. 10/20 - Tue. 10/25, 7:30am - 9pm
Wed. 10/26, 7:30am - 5pm

200 North Hamilton Street

Fri. 10/21 - Tue. 10/25, 8am - 6pm
Wed. 10/26, 8am - 5pm

PTI Airport, Lower Level

Thu. 10/20 - Mon. 10/25, 9am - 10pm
Tue., 10/25, 9am - 6pm