north elm Exhibitors

Bobo Intriguing Objects

300 W. Broad Ave.

Shuttle Stop: 27 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: North Elm

The word bobo is a moniker derived from the term bourgeois bohemian.  It describes a way of living that allows one to be an affluent success and at the same time a free-spirited rebel. Bobo has come to mean anything that is traditional yet modern, luxurious yet earthy. 

BOBO lives up to the name by combining the classic beauty of antiques with the simplicity and functionality of contemporary design.   BOBO design honors timeless beauty with innovation and play.

Working with factories in Belgium, Vietnam, China, India, Brazil & Nicaragua;
BOBO creates unique pieces, both well crafted and beautiful.

At Bobo we believe that every object, room and home tells an intriguing story.  Each creation we make is more than just a piece of furniture, it’s a personal statement.