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Sika Design

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Founded in 1942, Sika Design is a third generation family business that specializes in quality, handmade, woven indoor and outdoor furniture. Sika Design creates handmade furniture with comfort, quality and sustainability as the main requirements for the design and the manufacturing process. The assortment is comprised of 8 collections that include Iconic pieces of furniture from some of Europe’s most skilled and important architects and designers, rattan Originals inspired by our own design sketches as well as other successful models from the 1950’s and 1960’s, handcrafted Affaire French bistro furniture, Georgia Garden and Avantgarde wicker furniture, and the brand's Exterior collection which incorporates existing models with our Alu-Rattan and ArtFibre in a variety of colors.

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Sika Design Brand Presentation

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Sika Design Denmark Showroom