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etuHOME by Europe2You

IHFC - IH207, Commerce, Floor 1
Area: InterHall

Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal)

Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse

etúHOME was founded on the belief that entertaining beautifully can elevate the everyday.

While the quintessential European lifestyle drives our inspiration, the heartbeat of our brand begins at our sourcing. Transforming utilitarian objects into elevated treasured kitchen accents is our specialty, but it’s our commitment to creating sustainably responsible products that set us apart. Handmade by local artisans in Europe, we believe that the quality and craftsmanship of how products are made are equally important to how they look. Our timeless pieces ask to be passed from one generation to the next.

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etúHOME Clear Sphere Vase

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etúHOME by Europe2You Showroom Atlanta // Winter 2018