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Screen Gems / Teton Home

Showroom Location TBD

Corporate Phone: 310.545.9091

Screen Gems Furniture Accessories has brought innovative, decorative room dividers and floor screens to consumers since 1998; has become the leading national supplier of unique and enhancing accent furniture and wall decor, etc. full lines of accessory. With a large and varied inventory, we are able to meet customers’ distinctive tastes while providing timely shipping options and responsive customer service!

Teton Home is a manufacturer direct distribution company based in CA. The factories are a family owned, third generation running production world, specialist at wood, iron work in accent tables, lamps, wall decor, etc. for over 50 years. Our goal is to build Bridges between our factories and the world, to provide the best quality goods at lowest price range!

With Teton Home’s affluent production power and Screen Gems’ permanent marketing and customer service endowment, We’re teamed up to not only selling furniture but also making the world a better place one piece at a time with our best products!