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Master Motion Studio 54

440 S. Wrenn St.

Shuttle Stop: 10 (Green Line)

Neighborhood: Downtown Main

Corporate Phone: 5617035461

Confirmed Open | Fall 2020

WE ARE ONE OF THE FEW TO NOT, NOT, NOT RAISE OUR PRICING...SEE HOW WE DO IT, IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY & REDUCING INEFFICIENCIES ARE JUST A COUPLE WAYS WE HAVE OFFSET BOTH THE TARIFF & RAISING COSTS. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF MANUFACTURING. *WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT…BE DIFFERENT!*: Welcome to MASTER MOTION STUDIO 54 (Elegant Motion) where we specialize in MODULAR MOTION FURNITURE 365 days per year! That is all we do! We specialize in LEATHER/SUEDE Combinations, NAIL/ACCENT treatments and we are the MASSAGE BACK SPECIALISTS, with AIRBAG MASSAGE units HIDDEN in the back cushions of the modular furniture. Every seat-back & sectional corner can have an AIRBAG MASSAGE. Our patented AIRBAG MASSAGE is unique to the market & made for durability & comfort. If you are looking for new, fresh designs tailored for today's MILLENNIAL and GEN-Z populations, we have it. Most manufacturers don't understand these populations, so how can they can make & develop products for them. It just doesn't work....and I wouldn't bet my business on it. Buy products that are developed, designed, & tailored for these new buying generations of today...rather than just guessing, making things, & hoping?!?! At www.studio54motion.miami you can see our market walk-thru video & product pictures/pricing.
"We Want You To Focus On Running Your Business...We'll Take Care Of The Rest."

"The Illiterate Of The 21st Century Won't Be Those That Can't Read Or Write, But Those That Can't Learn, Unlearn & Relearn" (alvin toffler)

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Leather & Fabric Massage Twin Sleeper

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Neighborhood: Downtown Main

Shuttle Stop: 10 (Green Line)

Twin Massage Sleeper offered in Heavyweight Leather & Heavyweight Hi-Wear Microfiber. Patented Airbag Massage Back, Power Lumbar, Twin Sleeper with Foam & Memory Foam Mattress. All Twin Massage Sleepers will be matched to a collection, so all products will match and can be used in the same room. Check us out for more info: www.studio54motion.miami