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Be Outspoken

Suites At Market Square - G-6058, Ground
Area: Salon

Shuttle Stop: 14 (Red/Green Line)

Neighborhood: Market Square & Elm

Corporate Phone: 314-952-2302

Confirmed Open | Fall 2020

We place original artwork on sustainable hides. Our designs focus on empowerment and equality. Home décor with a message.

Order Be OUTSPOKEN limited-edition collectibles through our Bespoke Program.

• Select one of our five signature designs.
• Select from many patterns and colourways of hides.
• Select from bullion fringe or trim.

There are an infinite number of options of unique colours and patterns to ensure that no Be OUTSPOKEN hide will ever be duplicated twice, allowing for beautiful coordination with the other décor in your residential or commercial spaces.

Be OUTSPOKEN signature art designs take a view of empowerment and equality affirming our core beliefs. We find so much inspiration from the amazing people in our global community.