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Kooduu is a young international brand that is specialised in the development, design, and production of innovative lifestyle products. Its Danish design and own production process ensures the quality of the products while remaining affordable.

The first Kooduu product line presented in North America is called Synergy Pro. In sum, the Synergy Pro is a designer lamp, Blue-tooth speaker, and wine cooler in one.

Synergy Pro is a series of chargeable portable Bluetooth loudspeakers and floor lamps in one, featuring both warm LED lighting and multi-functional compartment that can be used as a wine cooler. Synergy delivers high quality audio with an effortless sync to any compatible Bluetooth device.The Synergy Pro is capable of pairing as many units as you like, as long as they remain within 180 feet of the master unit, ensuring your home, pool, and yard will function as one well orchestrated audio system. Fully charged, the battery will give you 9 hours of unplugged Music and Light.

Nordic Light (and sound)
Launching in North America this month The Nordic Light Bluetooth loudspeaker and Oil fueled lamp encompasses Danish Design with the DNA of Kooduu and brings to life the essence of the Danish word “Hygge” in a new and contemporary way. Listen to your favorite tunes whilst enjoying the calmness of the flames through a clear glass or perhaps a more soft shine from the sandblown glass.
Connect several products together and simply set the mood wherever, whenever...

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HGTV Introduction to Kooduu