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Albrea Blankets & Cocoons

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Albrea Blankets and Cocoons are distinguished by our unique, one-of–a kind patent pending puckering stretchable fabric. Designed by a mother-daughter team on a quest for the perfect blanket, we've created blankets that are not only beautiful & aesthetically pleasing, but also provide pure comfort & luxury. Our high quality is shown with the extremely large amount of soft, custom designed fabric in each Albrea Blanket or Cocoon, our personal hand attention to detail, and the extensive sewing patterns with almost unlimited ability to stretch. These factors produce blankets that are "naturally" weighted, making our Albrea Blankets known as the "Blanket that hugs you”, which is calming and therapeutic.
These bold, new, classy Albrea Blankets are sewn & hand crafted in Cedar City, Utah, USA. 13 colors are available, and custom colors can considered in large orders. 3 blanket throw sizes are available - large, regular and lap.
The Original Albrea Blanket with its ultimate weighted feeling gave birth to the Albrea "Cocoons" that stretch in every direction, enveloping those who need it, and loved by every kid or teen that gets in one! The Cocoons are fantastic inside a sleeping bag for the best night's sleep ever when camping, for sleeping on the floor, and for kids and teens that just want to use them right on top of their bed. The Cocoons are offered in a baby, child, and teen/adult sizes.
The designers, Rachelle Albrecht & Laurie Hansen will be at their Albrea High Point booth.

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Albrea Blankets & Cocoons, High Point Market