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Big Ass Fans

Suites At Market Square - M-5021, Mezzanine

Shuttle Stop: 14 (Red/Green Line)

Neighborhood: Market Square & Elm

Meet the Fan of Your Dreams
Big Ass Fans is the world’s preeminent manufacturer of cooling airflow products and energy-efficient LED fixtures. We've been transforming work and home environments into spaces built for enjoyment since 1999, turning stuffy discomfort into breezy relief with an aesthetic that inspires and performance that subtly wows guests. Whether you want a more attractive, engaging space for customers or need an artful solution for better home comfort, Big Ass Fans has the custom answer for you. From our powerful Essence to our sleek Haiku to our new i6, our fans offer award-winning design and airflow to make any space more inviting and comfortable, and their range of custom finishes and size options guarantees that we’ve got the perfect complement to your décor.

With Big Ass fans’ unrivaled air movement, you and your guests can feel up to 10 °F cooler in the summer and enjoy the gentle circulation of warm air where you need it in the winter. Big Ass fans far exceed Energy Star® efficiency requirements, keeping style high and energy bills low. Our residential and commercial overhead fans can be outfitted with high-efficiency LEDs that make any room brighter and more appealing, without the need to ever replace a bulb. With a variety of control modes, smart home integrations, and mounting options, our products are built with your convenience and comfort in mind, no matter the space.

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Haiku, Meet Sledgehammer

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Haiku - Silence by Libby Langdon