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Adam Davis Furniture

Mill Collective - 415 W. High Ave.

Shuttle Stop: 29 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: North Elm

I can remember watching woodworking videos on my phone while between calls in my previous profession as a NYC paramedic. In hindsight, the meditative process videos punctuated the chaos I was employed to manage. I cannot say which is more surreal: my current or former lifestyle. All I know is making furniture is just that for me: a lifestyle. Craftsmanship and design are not so much conscious manifestations of education or intentionality, rather a consequence of my personality.

While I pride myself on being able to make anything from wood and take in many projects to survive, my personal designs are based on decisions made inside of the process which is often initiated with a basic objective in mind. Domestic hardwoods, brass, leather, cork, canvas, and paper cord are defining mediums of my aesthetic.

I will be showing with Mill Collective this Fall in the historic "red egg" showroom. There are not words for how thankful I am to Mill Collective for supporting local NC makers. If you have a moment, come say "hello" and experience respite from the hectic atmosphere of the main market centers.

Adam Davis Furniture - Keeping Craft Alive in Fall HPMKT2019

Showroom News - Openings & Moves

Adam Davis Furniture, Mill Collective

Neighborhood: North Elm

Shuttle Stop: 29 (Red Line)

I will be showing at the Fall 2019 High Point Furniture Market with Mill Collective, a non-profit dedicated to promoting local makers. Mill Collective's showroom is moving to the charming historic "red egg" showroom, offering a more intimate setting for me to communicate my unique lifestyle and perspective as a maker. See you there!