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Kifu Paris

Showroom Location TBD

Corporate Phone: +33672697752

Three collections-R&Y AUGOUSTI Paris, KIFU Paris & PATRICK COARD Paris, are aptly named after all family members, a very close knit clan. The artisanale collections, reflecting handmade techniques of eras past are interwoven with one another through the family signature of intricate patterns, yet retain the identity of each family member. Exotic materials are in abundance. KIFU Paris-Her collection of Home Accessories & Furniture uses handmade techniques of elaborate inlay patterns of shagreen, shells, semi-precious stones, materials she experienced growing up in her parent’s studio, but interpreted in a younger quirkier way. PATRICK COARD Paris, threw the gauntlet down with an awe inspiring collection of candles never seen before. Whilst the market has been saturated with scented candles he went back to basics of non-scented candles and was the first to bring out a collection of candles in a shagreen texture in beautifully hand carved patterns and sculptural shapes. His inspirations from sculptors from the 30s&40s has created a modern collection of candles & candle bases. R&Y AUGOUSTI-The parents' anchor of the collections is clearly visible with the mix of their iconic pieces, & their fresh new large scale furniture destined to iconic status also, never cease to please their more adult followers who have an endless appetite to continually collect all they design. Through their family pop up store at Barneys NYC, this trio has been coined as the ultimate lifestyle brand.


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