Style Spotters Trend Tours

Take a personal trip through some of the most stunning showrooms at Market

On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, two Style Spotters will take off from The Point each day to show you the showrooms they have to see when shopping a particular product category. Then, on Tuesday, immediately after the Style Spotters LIVE! event, four Style Spotters step down from the dais to lead you through their favorite Market showrooms.

Tour Schedules

Style Spotters Category Tours

See the showrooms our Style Spotters go to when they’re looking for the best in a product category

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday 9:30am – 11:30am followed by an optional lunch

Check-in begins at 9:15am at The Point on the corner of Commerce Avenue and Main Street, departing promptly at 9:30am

Saturday, October 19

Laura Thurman Global Aesthetic

Gary Inman Hospitality

Sunday, October 20

Eric Haydel Antiques and Reproductions

Erinn Valencich Designer-Friendly Furniture

Monday, October 21

Cynthia Ferguson Textiles

RSVP is required for each Style Spotters Category Tour

Jump On Board

Style Spotters Favorites Tours

Join one of four separate tours as our Style Spotters show off their must see Fall Market showrooms.

Tuesday, October 22, 10:15am - 11:30am

Departing from the IHFC Building, Green Wing, 11th Floor, Ballroom A, immediately after the Style Spotters LIVE! breakfast

Shayla Copas

Kara Cox

Benjamin Johnston

Courtney McLeod

RSVP is NOT required for the Style Spotters Favorites Tours