5-Day Financial Blueprint Challenge

Join business coach Gail Doby for a 5-day deep dive into evaluating - and improving - your business’s financial standing.

During this intensive 5-day challenge, join Gail Doby, ASID, for daily 1-hour sessions to find out why money matters, how to set lucrative financial goals, and how to read your P&L and Balance Sheet.

Gail Doby

When: April 19-23, 12pm ET daily
Where: Zoom

Day One

Learn why most businesses fail and what to do about it

Day Two

Learn how to set lucrative financial goals

Day Three

Develop financial confidence and learn how to get bottom-line results

Day Four

Learn how to read your balance sheet and find out why a full bank account may not tell you the truth about your finances

Day Five

Learn how to build your budget from the bottom up

You will also gain access to free tools and daily giveaways. Register now using discount code “HPMKT” in order to receive complimentary access to this valuable program.