Business of Design Educational Series

Proven techniques to transform your business, by successful design entrepreneur Kimberley Seldon

Launch Projects Like a Boss

Friday, April 5
9am – 12pm
High Point Theatre, in the Transportation Terminal

After 25 years in business and through coaching hundreds of designers, Kimberley Seldon is convinced, there’s no way to finish a project successfully if you don’t start strong. In step-by-step fashion, Kimberley will share her project launch process for all projects (large and small). Plus, you’ll learn what should always be in your contract (hint: it’s not what they taught you at design school!). If you’re not yet familiar with Business of Design’s 15 Step Project Management Strategy, this three hour course is a fast-track to immediate results. For those who are familiar with BOD’s tried-and-true methods, but haven’t yet implemented or need a career and confidence boost, you will also be able to use this session to solve current business challenges and reignite your passion and commitment. A must-attend session.

This intensive training course is for the highly motivated design professional who is worn out from haggling over fees, working for peanuts, running from crisis to crisis and defending their hard-won expertise. Start each project with precision and move forward on a linear path that leads to success. It’s time to take your business to the next level. Always dynamic and straight-to-the-point, Kimberley answers all and shares her expertise—witty, knowledgeable and honest!

0.3 CEU Credits

$295 per person

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No More Negotiating - Own Your Authority, Protect Your Value and Satisfy Your Clients

Sunday, April 7
10am – 11am
High Point Theatre, in the Transportation Terminal

Who has more experience running a design firm, you or your clients? You, of course. So why would you allow clients to dictate terms that have an immediate and sometimes unpleasant effect on you and your team? Business of Design’s Kimberley Seldon will teach you how to set and maintain clear and firm boundaries when it comes to fees, margins, work order and process.

Following the learning, Kimberley will answer live coaching questions.

0.1 CEU Credits

No RSVP required. No cost to attend.

About Kimberley Seldon

Through more than two decades of running her own design business, Kimberley has gained extensive industry knowledge by consistently satisfying clients, streamlining business systems, improving staff retention, and growing profitability. To Kimberley, the successful design professional’s formula is: 80% business and 20% creativity. That’s the sweet spot that lets you love your job again – and the place her Business of Design coaching is designed to take you.