ASID Learn x Design

CEU accredited seminars for design professionals

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) brings you Learn x Design at High Point Market, an exciting program of curated content featuring interior design industry leaders who will share insight on building and scaling your business, ensuring financial sustainability and growth, and managing client relationships. Walk away with the skills to help you maximize your business profitability in 2020 and beyond.

All seminars will take place at the High Point Theatre located at the Transportation Terminal. Attendees will earn International Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC-approved) continuing education credit per seminar.

Corey Damen Jenkins

LuAnn Nigara

In Conversation: Corey Damen Jenkins on Building a Profitable Business

Thursday, October 15
Noon – 1pm
High Point Theatre (located in the Transportation Terminal)
With Corey Damen Jenkins, LuAnn Nigara

Expert interviewer LuAnn Nigara, host of the A Well-Designed Business® podcast, goes deep with acclaimed designer Corey Damen Jenkins, Principal and CEO, Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates. Hear how he built his business from the ground up to sustain financial solvency, profitability, and growth. Corey and LuAnn will explore the many lessons learned along the way, including how to charge appropriately for what you’re worth, strengthening your “emotional enamel” to challenge feelings of self-doubt, and many more.

Complimentary boxed lunch provided. 1 IDCEC-approved CEU.

Phyllis Harbinger

Cheryl Luckett

John McClain

Beth Diana Smith

Can We Talk? Navigating Difficult Client Conversations

Saturday, October 17
Noon – 1pm
High Point Theatre (located in the Transportation Terminal)
With Phyllis Harbinger, Cheryl Luckett, John McClain, Beth Diana Smith

In a perfect world, you and your client would always be “on the same page”. Instead, we live in a world where you must manage professional and/or personal differences to maintain a strong business relationship. Now more than ever, navigating client communications and interactions are the key to success. Moderated by Phyllis Harbinger, FASID, CID, panelists Cheryl Luckett, John McClain, Associate ASID, and Beth Diana Smith, Associate ASID, will share their insights and tips for navigating tough conversations with clients.

Complimentary boxed lunch provided. 1 IDCEC-approved CEU.

Sandra Funk

Woo to Close

Tuesday, October 20
Noon – 1pm
High Point Theatre (located in the Transportation Terminal)
With Sandra Funk

Sandra Funk shares her secrets on how to land your dream client. After nearly two decades in the industry, Sandra wants to help you run the most efficient, joyful, and profitable business possible, and she knows that attracting new clients is a key ingredient to success. Sandra will walk you through her potential new client process from the initial call to closing the sale and provide you with the scripts, templates, and resources guaranteed to elevate your client game.

Complimentary boxed lunch provided. 1 IDCEC-approved CEU.

Important Safety Information

Please follow these guidelines for entering, taking your seat, and exiting this event:

  • Enter via the ramp to the left of the main Theatre entrance
  • Once inside, move without stopping into the auditorium and follow the seating guidance provided by the event staff
  • You must wear a face covering for the duration of the program, except when eating
  • Seating will be every other row, and you must leave 3 seats in between you and the next person in your row
  • Once seated, do not exit the row for any reason other than an emergency
  • When the program concludes, attendees will be dismissed by row; remain in your seat until your row has been dismissed
  • When exiting, move without stopping to the transportation terminal; do not mingle with other guests inside the Theatre
  • Please do not attend if you are unwilling to follow these rules, are not feeling well, have knowingly been exposed to COVID-19 within the last 14 days, or have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days
  • All sessions will be recorded and available for viewing via High Point Market’s YouTube channel a few weeks after Market concludes