1pm - 2pm, Fri. Oct. 18

Maximize Your Visibility to Grow Your Influence


Universal Furniture International, Inc.

Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse

Shuttle Stop: 15 (Red Line)

Franziska Neumann (FZK Franziska) and Jana Platina Phipps (The Trimqueen) will walk you through their step-by-step systems outlining how to use simple tools to gain maximum exposure and boost your business growth. 

Speakers: Franziska Neuman, Jana Platina Phipps



3:15pm - 4:15pm, Sun. Oct. 20

Trim Queen Workshop: Upcycled Embellishments with Jana Platina Phipps, Jill Seale & Natalie Reddell


The Point (on Commerce Ave next to the Transportation Terminal)

Neighborhood: Uptown Main

Immediately following the 2pm window coverings roundtable, get hands-on in this workshop focusing on the eco-conscious art of upcycling for homes. Join the Trim Queen Jana Platina Phipps, artist Jill Seale and special guest Commander in Chic Natalie Reddell as they lead you in creating upcycled embellishments. Learn to create one-of-a-kind accessories from scraps for home décor or wearable art.

Speakers: Jana Platina Phipps, Jill Seale, Natalie Reddell



2pm - 3pm, Mon. Oct. 21

Makers: From Startup to Success


New Growth Designs

Shuttle Stop: 20 (Red Line)

What does it mean to be a maker, and how do you get started? Learn about the sometimes long road to success and what these makers learned along the way that can inform your own journey. Join moderator and maker Jana Phipps, Trim Queen, as she talks with Trace Mayer, Museum Bees; Erin Weston, Weston Farms; and Beth Collier, vanCollier.

Speakers: Jana Platina Phipps, Trace Mayer, Erin Weston, Beth Collier