What To Expect

A few things you'll want to know as you prepare for our Fall 2020 event

Across the Market district, we are committed to keeping you safe by:

Promoting Social Distancing

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

Limiting Capacity Within Space

Monitoring Staff Health

Face Coverings Required

Daily Health Checks

Your first stop, every day you are here

You will be required to complete a health check at one of these designated areas, each day you are at Market. Those who pass the screening will receive a colored bracelet to wear for the day, indicating a successful check. You must show the proper bracelet for the day to gain access to any Market buildings or services in the Market district.

A health check will consist of:

No-contact temperature check
You must be below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. If you register 100.4 or above on your first check, you may sit down for 15 minutes, and then ask for another reading.

Symptom screening
You must be able to answer “no” to the COVID-19 symptoms outlined at the health check area (visit CDC website for a current list)

The average health check takes 28 seconds, so we’ll get you on your way quickly.

Health Check Locations

Primary Station
Center Stage between Showplace and the Transportation Terminal (look for the Wake Forest Baptist Health logo) 6am - 7pm, Tuesday, Oct. 13 - Wednesday, Oct 21

Additional Stations
Dates and hours of operation vary
Atrium on Main
C&D Building
Centers of High Point - Hamilton
Furniture Plaza
IHFC Wrenn Street Lobby
IHFC Green Street Lobby
IHFC Main Street Lobby
Market on Green
Market Square
Market Square Tower (Tower 1)
Plaza Suites
Radio Building
Suites at Market Square
200 North Hamilton
200 Steele
220 Elm

Transportation Updates

Here’s how we’re keeping you safe from point-to-point

Downtown Market District
Downtown Market district served by Go-Anywhere shuttles only, Call 336-887-RIDE (7433) to secure your single party shuttle

Shuttle Safety
All shuttles operating at 50% capacity and face coverings are required

Airport Shuttles
Reservations required for shuttles to and from the Raleigh (RDU) and Charlotte (CLT) airports

Hotel Shuttles
No changes to the morning and evening schedules. However, there will be no mid-day routes.

Places To Eat

Inside & Streetside - keeping your safety in mind

This October, look for an increased number of food trucks serving the Market district, in addition to a range of indoor dining options for our guests.

See our complete list of at-market dining options.

Shop Smart

Look for the “Count On Me NC” sign when you’re out in the community

Count On Me NC is your assurance that the business you are about to enter has put proper measures in place to prioritize safety. We recommend that you only enter those businesses that display a “Count On Me NC” sign. You can see a full list of participating restaurants, hotels, and businesses at the Count On Me NC website, and search by High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, or wherever else you may go within the state.

Appointments Are Important

Use our confirmed exhibitors list or App to find your showroom contact information

Appointments are encouraged for all showroom visits, and required by some. Use our Exhibitor search to find the showrooms you want to visit and their contact information. Create a MyMarket account to create a personalized list of showroom stops.

What To Expect
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