How to Prepare for Market

Follow these steps to get ready for a safe Market

Find your region & select your period

Use your company’s home state to locate your region. Choose one of the periods for that region.

Request your passes

Specify the primary period and request a pass for each of your company’s attendees.

Arrange travel

Book early. We recommend calling Travel Quest, Inc., our official Market concierge, for expert guidance on airlines and hotels.

Find your showrooms

Use our Exhibitor Search to find the exhibitors you would like to visit.

Schedule appointments

This is always the best way to ensure each showroom visit is safe and productive.

Pack Your Bags

Don’t forget your face coverings!

Please Note
Attending any public event, or going to any venue where people are present, carries an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19. This contagious disease can lead to severe illness and may cause death. Senior citizens and persons with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By attending High Point Market, you take full responsibility for any and all risks associated with exposure to COVID-19.

High Point Market Safe

Request Your Passes

Use our online registration system to select your primary period, and request passes for all of your company's attendees

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