Exploring Some Suite Spots Of Style

Designers share their top picks and resources on guided tours of the Suites at Market Square

If you’ve ever wanted an award-winning designer to guide you through some of their favorite showrooms, you won’t want to miss the Suite Spot Tours in Suites at Market Square. Showing you can’t-miss products from some of their most trusted vendors, each tour leader creates an experience that guests describe as one of the most rewarding hours they’ve spent at Market.

Lori Paranjape

When she was just starting out, Nashville-based designer Lori Paranjape would have loved an experienced hand to guide her through High Point. “Market can be intimidating, it helps to have someone show you around,” says Paranjape. On her tour, buyers see some of her favorite vendors and newest discoveries, get Paranjape’s views on products, plus some business tips. “For me, any tour includes a little Business 101,” she says. “I want designers, especially young designers, to keep business forward in their thinking.”

Lori’s guests leave with practical tips, such as take a picture of the logo before going into a space, so you’ll remember where you saw items. She also offers trade tips, such as how to calculate the right size lighting fixture for a room (add its length and width in feet to get the size of the ideal piece in inches).

Gary Inman

Award-winning designer Gary Inman has given Suite Spot Tours for the past three Markets. Most recently, his stops included Weston Farms, Pandora de Balthazar, and Robin Baron.

“Robin’s one of my favorite sources in the Suites at Market Square, I love her fresh take on furniture, hardware, and luxury rugs,” says Inman. “After more than fifty High Point Markets, I find the Suites/Salon at Market Square and Interhall to be the best places to see the leading edge of design. I always begin with these two areas and that sets the tone for my entire Market.”

Weston Farms

Pandora de Balthazars

Robin Baron

Natalie Reddell

For Commander in Chic™ Natalie Reddell, leading a Market tour is a little out of her comfort zone. “I always get nervous before the tour, but I have a blast once we get going,” she admits.

This past fall, she steered her group to a mix of favorite vendors and new finds, including stops at Dunes and Duchess, Ngala Trading Co., Louise Gaskill Company, and F. J. Kashanian Rugs.

“I like to introduce the design sources showing at Market to my tour-goers,” says Reddell, “so they can explain how they can customize product for designers and collaborate with them. I want designers to realize the value of coming to Market.”

Dunes and Duchess

Ngala Trading

Louise Gaskill Company

F.J. Kashanian Rugs

Shayla Copas

Shayla Copas sees the Suite Spot Tours as an opportunity to share her unique viewpoint as a designer and trend blogger. Her go-to spots this Market included lighting source Hammerton, Celadon Art, Callisto Home, Cloud 9 Design, and Jill Seale Design Studio. “There are so many fabulous trends and products in the Suites that it is often hard to decide where to go.”

Hammerton Studio

Celadon Art

Callisto Home

Cloud 9 Design

Jill Seale Design Studio

Each Market offers a new opportunity to tour the Suites at Market Square with some of today’s top design talent. From art, pillows, lighting, and furniture to tips, tricks, insights, and introductions, the tours offer an inside track on what’s hot, what will be, and where to find it – from the people who know.