Fall 2018 New Product Picks

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Zoe Bios Creative

108-110 S. Elm St.

Park Slope

Park Slope is a pure color study. The media is a mix of gesso, ink, acrylic and tea stain. It is an homage to the mythical power of color, and composition. The juxtaposition of shape and color is meant as a meditation and an acknowledgment of the unknowable beauty of the cosmos. Image Size: 24” x 32”

Zoe Bios Creative

108-110 S. Elm St.


Ashland is a wash of ink, acrylic, gesso, tea stain and copper leaf, combined and layered for an ethereal color field. It is an homage to Georgia O'Keeffe, with brush strokes reflecting her luminous and multi-layered surfaces depicting natural elements like rivers, ravines, cliffs, and canyons. Image Size: 30” x 45”


IHFC D502, G572, G582

Oasis Arm Chair -Distressed Pink Velvet

Oasis Arm Chair features a modern-retro design in a beautiful distressed pink and gold velvet upholstery. Featuring a low profile frame with elegantly sculpted cut out back, accented with slim gold legs. Collection includes button tufted sofa and matching arm chair.