Spring 2018 New Product Picks

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Peacock Alley

IHFC D319, D322

Pianca USA


FUSHIMI Bed by Philippe Tabet

Inspired by one of Kyoto’s most important sanctuaries, FUSHIMI reveals its meek and evocative character, exuding harmony in the combination of its parts and stylishness in its details. Philippe Tabet has endeavoured to capture the essence of spiritual Japanese culture. The proportion between the elements is fine-tuned and balanced to perfection.

Pigeon & Poodle

IHFC D319, D322

Enna Collection

Create an eye-popping display with our statement-making Enna—whole natural oyster shells set imperfectly in resin are beachy, bold, and beautiful. This collection marries the manmade and natural, with an evocative texture clients will love. Perfect for a seaside space.

Pigeon & Poodle

IHFC D319, D322

Pine Cone Hill


Jardin Collection

Soft floral of bright fresh watercolor daubs in plum, fuchsia, azalea, sky, and jade has a sweet innocence. Annie and team fell in love with the original French artwork while in Paris in the Spring and built a collection around it. Expertly printed on extra long staple 400 thread count cotton percale weave for superb softness, sheen, and drape.