Domestic Daydream: Buyers Guide

What to look for when shopping for the 2019 trend that evokes simpler times

Inspired by the 1950’s, Domestic Daydream celebrates and revives our past. Today’s technology, social media, and overall chaos create a constant unsettledness, a need for wanting more, and a yearning for simpler times. To counterbalance this reaction, we look to fill our homes with items that offer the comfort of routine and joyful opportunities to unwind.

Design focuses on items that could pass for heirloom relics with mid-century shapes and all-American appeal. We find comfort in feeling transported to a time that reminds us of our mother’s home or grandparent’s summer destination – but with a modern twist. These memories of people, places, and not-so-distant times evoke feelings that provide an alternative that has what the modern world lacks.

Armchair seating provides a retreat where one can relax, turn-off from what might be a monotonous everyday routine. The wooden angular legs stay true to a mid-century design aesthetic and create a juxtaposition with the plush velvet upholstery. Designed in saccharin pastels, the solo-seating statement chair in the past would serve the purpose of a man’s place to de-stress – moving forward we see how gender roles are challenged with feminine color and fabric selection. A curvy kidney-shaped arm is a modern take on the geometrics of this trend.


Continuing the notion of stripped-back basics, oversimplified stripes are brought into soft goods as well. The vertical stripe and contrast border bring pattern to a space without complicating – ideally achieving a more serene environment. A comforter duvet also provides a way to easily change the look and feel of a space as technology has us constantly craving what’s new and next.

Eastern Accents

With so much symmetrical perfection seen throughout this trend, asymmetry and purposeful imperfections are created in throw pillows and soft goods – a nod to our 21st Century chaos. Multi-directional shapes in patterns and prints represent the disarray we feel internally and in our home lives. By mixing colors and materials, a unique and modernized take on retro geometrics is created. These textures build on the minimal look of other pieces and replicate a worn, well-loved vintage feel.

Jaipur Living

Harkening back to simpler times, pieces have been stripped away of details and flourishes. An achromatic cabinet tucks away clutter when not in use. Detailing similar to scalloped front doors provides a linear look and texture in a modern take on classic craftsmanship credenzas or record cabinets. Lacquer used in modern design recalls the popularity of synthetic treatments and materials in the mid-century period.

Worlds Away

Lighting in candy-coated colors with American ceramic bases are another example of how this trend reinterprets past classics shapes in contemporary pieces. The bubblegum hue brings a lighthearted kitsch and vibrancy into the home. Modern treatments – such as the glossy acrylic base of the lamp – mirror highly influential plastic culture prevalent in the 1950’s.

Bungalow 5

When families gathered around the newly minted television in the 50’s, TV trays became a popular way to multitask. Fast-forward to now and these lacquer trays – designed to stack and accommodate difference size preferences – serve as a multi-purpose item for the home. Used for serving, catchalls or decoration, these pastel trays add a pop of color and sheen to a room.


Plush shag rugs add texture to a space but also a practicality. Historically, shag carpeting served the purpose of being comfortable enough to sit on which became a pinnacle for bygone family gatherings. Playful patterns similar to this symmetrical mod print add a dimensional element. The connected circular print is a strong nod to mid-century design, resembling the connectedness and linear aspects of planned Suburban suburbs.

Jaipur Living

The slimline bed frame, lacking any ornamentation or detail, counterbalances the overwhelming stimulation one can feel this day and age. The upholstery brings additional comfort and ease in an effort to create an inviting bedroom environment. The simplicity of the construction, mixed with the retro fabric treatment and color choice is another example of the old-meets-new balance.


The tufted swivel chair provides comfort and productivity with its ergonomic design. It adds ease to the seating space, adapted to fit the needs of everyday life and provide needed movement. It’s non-stationary design allows flexibility and reflects the constant movement of today’s society. A seamed back is an added textural design element when the overall look is minimal. The soft, encapsulating curved back provides an inviting place to sit while mirroring the rise of the space age – similar to a pod or a captain’s chair.


A modern interpretation of an important vintage must-have, the legless base sofa makes a strong statement in a living room. The rounded back-and-arm hybrid suggests inclusiveness for a multitude of people – a common theme in today’s culture. The large, oversized design allows families to gather together while the textured cotton velvet provides an updated luxury.

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Designed to move, modular accent tables offer design solutions to the indecisiveness that technology can influence. Reflecting back to our ever-changing lifestyle and culture, these pieces can be used as side tables, accent pieces or even stool seating. The practicality of multi-use items aligns with our current practice of thoughtful and useful design. The bold curves make a powerful statement in a piece so physically small.


With the hexagon being an influential shape in this trend – and in the 1950’s – it appears in design variations including decorative objects. The classic silhouette is modernized with this oblong formation. A geometric object brings a shape that would otherwise be seen flat in soft goods or wallpaper into the third dimension.

Global Views

Domestic Daydream honors timeless craftsmanship and authenticity in design while modernizing goods with punchy pastel colors and retro treatments – including powder coating and enamel surfaces. Just as we have modernized the domestic rules in the reversal of gender roles, the rise of women’s empowerment, and acceptance of paternity leave, we are shifting the colors, shapes, and treatments we bring into our homes. We expect this trend to expand in 2019, as consumers continue to seek a balance of old and new, chaos and comfort, masculine and feminine, response and repose.