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Alexander Lucent Gallery

Suites At Market Square - M-8053, Mezzanine

Shuttle Stop: 14 (Red/Green Line)

Neighborhood: Market Square & Elm

The vision behind the creation of Alexander Lucent Gallery is to discover and share the work of emerging artists. This is THE SOURCE for impactful, large scale statement pieces at a surprisingly affordable price. All of the art is original and offered in small run limited editions of no more than 125, signed by the artist. We meticulously curate the collection, working directly with the artists. In our years working with collectors, interior designers, and gallerists, we have observed a need for powerful statement pieces that are unique, that explore the interactions of attention and beauty. Pieces that come from the deepest part of the artist's being, expressing the truest versions of themselves, all of which combine the conceptual with the aesthetic.