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Adelene Simple Cloth

- 501 S. Centennial St.

Shuttle Stop: 12 (Green Line)

Neighborhood: Centennial Wrenn South

This is the story of good things that only get better with time. Like the hand-stitched cotton quilts, sheets and pillow cases in grandmother Ada’s linen chest, always soft yet sturdy, crisp and cool to the touch. Or the adventurous character of nana Elene, whose passion for travel, painting and piano was as vibrant as her taste in textiles. Fabric with a buttery hand and a hardy character. Color and texture that satiates the spirit. Past and present through warp and weft. Adelene Simple Cloth is the art of living and living well.
We are a textile manufacturer that produces fabrics in Italy, Belgium, USA and India. Our focus is on cut yardage, bedding and a pillow collection. We also have one-of-a-kind rugs. All of our cutting and sewing is done in the US.