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Fine Furniture Design

- 305 S. Hamilton St.

Shuttle Stop: 13 (Green Line)

Fine Furniture Design® was founded with the same approach one takes to craft fine furniture. We began with a masterful design. We devised a plan with serious consideration for all who would interact with the company and the final product. We’re a group of furniture professionals who are serious about having a well-run company and making great furniture.

As visionaries of Fine Furniture Design®, we started with a blank canvas, upon which we applied the best of our prior experiences in the world of fine furniture manufacturing. We imagined collections of furniture designs that reflect the tastes and desires of real people. We pictured furniture collections that focused on a few finely crafted pieces. We envisioned excellence in materials, design, engineering and service. We prophesied that each customer would receive superb value for his or her investment.

What began as a vision, ended up as an international company. Experienced furniture people are part of this company, as are seasoned service professionals. We’re lean in many areas, and we’ve made great investments in the things that matter-raw materials; exquisite woods; and innovative manufacturing, systems, and logistics. Our experienced personnel delivers impeccable service to match the high-quality furniture we manufacture.

7:30am - 11am, April 13, April 14, April 15, April 16, April 17, April1 18

Morning Buzz


Shuttle Stop: 13 (Green Line)

Come by for coffee and fresh baked cookies every morning!

5:30pm - 8:30pm, April 13

ESQUIRE HOME COLLECTION by Fine Furniture Design launch party


Shuttle Stop: 13 (Green Line)

Developed in collaboration with the experts at ESQUIRE, an icon in the world of men’s fashion, culture and style, the ESQUIRE HOME COLLECTION encompasses a broad range of styles and materials to serve the diverse aesthetic tastes of today’s modern consumer, with just the right blend of gender-neutral design elements to broaden its appeal to both men and women alike. Featuring a balance of classic and contemporary, new and traditional, the unexpected and exploratory, the collection delivers substance and style for the curious, confident and cultured consumer.

4pm - 7pm, April 14, April 15, April 16, April 17, April1 18

Cocktail Hour


Shuttle Stop: 13 (Green Line)

Stop by on your way home for a night cap and light snacks.

Armour by Fine Furniture Design

Meritage by Fine Furniture Design

Deco by Fine Furniture Design



The Future of Fine Furniture Design


Humphrey Bogart by Fine Furniture Design

Biltmore By Fine Furniture Design

Fine Furniture Design