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IHFC - IH202, Commerce, Floor 1
Area: InterHall

Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal)

Strolling le Village St-Paul in Paris, we discovered a leather-bound journal at one of our favorite secret spots for vintage hunting. In fifty-two pages, the unknown American author chronicles an insanely stylish and playful holiday through written encounters, lyrics, doodles, and random thoughts. Captivated by this disjointed, aughts-era tome, we decided to bring it to life in a collection of furniture that marries the mystery man’s modern-day Parisian romp with our undying obsession with French modernism.

While each piece in the collection brings to life a page from our anonymous friend’s found diary, quality and craftsmanship remain at the forefront of our collection’s identity. A celebration of process and master craftsmanship, each element is made by hand in six-to-eight weeks by leading fabricators across America.

Consort was established in 2012 and offers an elevated-casual take on home design through showrooms and interior design services in Los Angeles and New York City.

Mat Sanders, Co-founder & Creative Director
Stylist-turned-media director-turned designer, Mat cut his teeth editing and launching décor pubs like Domino, MyDomaine, and Apartment Therapy before designing celeb interiors and homes on TV.

Brandon Quattrone, Co-founder & Design Director
Architecturally-minded spacial master hailing from Soul Cycle’s design team and internationally acclaimed SHoP Architects.